Property management

Property management in Amsterdam


There are a number of reasons to outsource the management of your property or properties. You are moving to another country for work, your house is for sale, but you don’t have a buyer yet or you are moving in with your partner.

We can manage your property in Amsterdam. This means that we are the point of contact for your tenant(s) at the time when defects occur in or around the home and when the tenant does not pay his/her rent on time. These are just a few examples that may apply.

Expat Housing can manage your property on different levels, administrative, financially and technically. You can choose on which level we can help you or of course you can also choose to outsource everything.


We can manage your house on the following levels:

  1. Administrative 
    Administration, not the most fun task that comes along when renting out your house. It is always a little more work then you thought at first. We can take care of this process for you. 
  2. Financial 
    Besides the documentation and contact with the tenant we can also do the financial administration for you. You don't have to worry about the rent payments. We make sure this is done on time. 
  3. Technical 
    Of course a technical failure can occur. On that moment the tenant can easily connect with us. We have a network with technical professionals that can help when needed.

Don’t want to worry about renting out your place? Let us manage your property.


Our packages:


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Regular letting

With the regular letting we make sure your property will be promoted on different websites and social media channels.

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Special letting

Special letting is focused on vacancy and home detention. Both require a different administrative approach than regular rental.

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Rental & Management

We also offer the possibility to manage your property on a financial, technical and administrative level.

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Tailor-made package

Do you have additional wishes or do you want to create your own package? We offer the opportunity to choose from several options.

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